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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…..

Thought I’d switch it up a lil bit.

This font is called “Year Supply of Fairy cakes”.

No joke.

It’s pretty spiffy.

Any way I digress.

It’s all most Christmas!!! Can you believe it? A whole new year is nearly here.

It’s pretty scary to think by this time next year I’ll have graduated and be on my way in adult life.

I’m completely freaked at the thought.

In about two weeks I’m going to be eighteen. Then I can finally get a job.

nervous/excited about this.

I’m super happy though I have my drivers license finally! I was beginning to think I was never going to pass. But I nailed it last week!!! It’s been kinda freaky driving without my mom sitting next to me .

I think I love this font. I must use it every time I blog!

=( My best friend is out of the country for the holidays. I miss her all ready.

She’s going to miss my birthday too. =/

I was kinda hoping now that I have my license we could of went out to see a movie or something that weekend, but she’s in the middle east visiting family over Christmas break.

I’m kinda worried for her and her family. Hope they stay safe.

And take lots of pics.

Have a happy and safe holiday surrounded by friends and family,

<3 Emi.

Ps. Stay warm!!!  Send a kiss

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Frownie Merlin

Arctic Conditions

Since when did I move to the arctic circle?

It’s been 20 degrees and snowing non stop since Sunday.

School was canceled today. Not that that effects me. (I’m home schooled) =P

I feel like a bear in hibernation. I haven’t left the house since Sunday morning for church.

I’m going a little stir crazy.

It doesn’t help fencing club is on holiday break. I have no outlet. =/


I hate snow. Especially in excessive amounts. We have probably gotten three or four feet since Sunday.

I’m now questioning my decision to go to snow camp in February.

It better stop snowing before this weekend or more things will be canceled and I WILL go officially crazy!!! 0.o

I might turn into a penguin……



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Smiley wolf

Thanksgiving Peeves

There are some things people do during thanksgiving that irritate me.

[1.]  PIE. As far as I’m concerned it’s a horrible offense not to have pumpkin pie and whipped cream at thanksgiving.

This happened one year- I nearly cried. Serious stuff. NEVER forget the pie!!!

[2.]  Putting up your Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving. Why? A whole month early. Seriously?

Though I’m one to speak. My family use to have a tradition of putting up the tree on Christmas Eve…..We haven’t done that in a few years though.

[3.]  The massive amounts of food we are going to consume, throwing ourselves into a food-coma. And leading to buckets full of leftovers, that no one will ever eat. (Granny’s special three-bean casserole doesn't look so good a week later does it. *shudder*)

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Miss Independant


First watch this….


Michelle Phan



I’m totally not a makeup person at all but this is useful.

The thing with the sugar and the honey, it totally works!

I tried it and its AWESOME!!!

I now have baby-butt-smooth lips.

(Though I didn’t have any Vaseline, it worked quite well.)

I was kind of surprised……

You dear reader, should try it. Laughing out loud


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“Borrowed” Internet

So right now I’m connected to some random internet, hoping that my computer doesn’t get raped by some random internet contracted disease. Why you ask? Because my wireless router is having issues. It wont let me connect to it at all right now. My little brother decided to yank the antenna out of the router, and now it’s broke.

Earlier it was kinda fine. It just had really weak signal. But now if I try to connect it says it can’t. EPIC FAIL!

I guess I should have been watching him closer……. Did I mention this happened when I was baby-sitting?

Well it did.

I thought my mom was going to freak. but thankfully- when I decided to tell her the next day, she didn’t.

I guess I ‘m just lucky.

I’ve disconnected from the internet while I’m typing this so I’m not floating around on some stranger’s interweb connection for too long.

It kinda makes me feel exposed.

Like someone could be watching me check my mail, Facebook, or watch a YouTube video.

Like undressing in front of a complete stranger.

So wrong.

In so many ways.

Not to mention I’m kinda “stealing” someone’s internet…. Even though they left it unlocked.

I fell like an internet creeper…….  Ninja


P.S. Watch this….....






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Frownie Merlin

Bloggy blog time!!!

I feel like I haven’t done this in forever…..Oh, wait. I haven’t

Well kind of. My last post had like NO thought put into it what so ever.

It was kind of stupid.

Any way, moving on now.

I’ve been having stomach issues all week. It’s horrible. I feel like I’m going to puke every time I eat something.

My mum thinks it might have something to do with dairy. I have no clue. But it SUCKS.

*Long awkward pause*


Rupert Grint is freakin’ adorable!


This reminds me I must make a list of cute boys in books and TV………It’s for a vlog!

Ugh. I feel ill. All I ate was a salad and some cookies. =((

Yeah, back to the vlog thing.

Kiera Cass did a similar vlog and it has inspired me to do my own. I think I will insert Kiera’s vlog now.



…..Harry just let his chocolate frog jump out the train window. lol

Sunshine, daisies, butter yellow. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!

Sick smile

Smiley wolf

Artsy Chic!!!

Some of my artsy talent…….(Roll the pics!!!)



^ Mushroom ring/ Candle holder                           ^ Mister Fredward Gnome



^Tiny owl figurine                                ^ Green Man wall hanging




All these scultures were made in an art class I took last fall- this summer <3

It was really cool learning about all the stuff I learned………….

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   Flirt female (This is my super sophisticated emoticon. like?)

Dun dun dun!!!!!!

Yeah, that was random….

I’m taking a typing class this week. [My mom is making me do it for school.]

It’s totally lame. You could buy the program at staples.

The teacher is totally unnecessary. I could teach the class.



The following is a real conversation between my dad, mom  and myself.:

Dad:[Talking about a Dominoes pizza commercial] Real cheese? What other kind of cheese is there? Fake cheese?

Mom: Well there’s cheese with oils and stuff in it. (ok I can’t really remember what she exactly said)

Me: Yeah dad like cheese in a can. It has hydrogenated oil and stuff in it.

Dad: That’s not even a word is it hydrogenated. *lol* (Yeah, he really laughed)

Me: Yes it is.

Dad: Show me then.

Me: (Typing hydrogenated in the Bing search bar) Yeah. It means the oil is treated in hydrogen.  [=P Yeah, that was my face when I told him.]

Dad: Really. How’s it spelled?

Me: [Spells hydrogenated]

Dad: *humph*


lol I love my family! <3



<3 This song!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sokka Spazz


I’m cold, tired and I did the most awful thing earlier this week.

What did I do?, you might ask.

I accidentally deleted nearly all my blog posts.

I truthfully did not mean to. I thought I was just deleting drafts from windows live writer.

But no, alas I was not just deleting drafts. I was deleting whole posts. Posts I will never get back.

And believe me I’ve tried to get them back.

There was no undo button. No going back. No turning back time to undo my stupid simple mistake.

A mistake that has plagued me all week.

A mistake I will most likely remember every time I go to write a new blog.

A severely stupid mistake.


This mistake makes me think of other mistakes I have made, and bigger mistakes that I will make in the future.

And the consequences those mistakes will undoubtedly have. Because every choice or mistake we make has consequences wither on it was made on purpose or accident.

Even not making a choice I is a choice.

And I hope in the future I will think before I act.

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