Edward Who? (Hatter)

Who Are You?



I’m back!!! I swear! I’m not lying!! Summer has brought inspiration!


well, one blog post at a time.

This Song is AWESOME!!!!! Listen tooooo it!!!



Have you basked in it’s awesomeness??? Told you. *sigh*

Winking smile

More to come possibly, maybe, most certainly, I hope. Well I am quite lazy….

Mad as a Hatter


Well it’s been a while…

And yup. I got a job. I’m now a cashier at a local grocery store chain.

It’s interesting I guess…

Some people are weird. Some scary.

My co-workers are decent people.

It gets boring some times though.

People are irritating, and I hate selling tobacco.

the store doesn't have hand-held scanners so I’m constantly lifting giant bags of dog and cat food, and lets not forget the boxes of cat litter that weigh nearly as much as I do.

I thought my back was going to break Monday. I felt horrible like someone beat me with a stick.

But the  check is so worth it.

It’s nice to be able to go out with friends once in a while. =)

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Sokka Rules

Snowed In…

Right now I’m sitting in a hotel waiting out a snow storm.

The trip has been   awesome.

Yesterday was really nice it was around 60 degrees out.

Now for some pictures.

Photo03041642     126_3867  126_3869



Photo03041637   126_3864 




^This is the train station….we took the train….it was interesting.


And now I must go and watch crappy hotel TV and take a nap!

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Want Tea?


So on Friday morning, the crack of dawn my family and I are driving six hours down to Philadelphia, PA for our first real family vacation in like for ever!

It’s going to be awesome!!!

I’m a total history nerd. Were going to see the liberty bell and all sorts of sweet historical sites like in "National Treasure"! I’m having a tiny spaz attack right now!

We’re all super excited!

See you in four days!!!

(Or less I decide to be not lazy and post while I’m away) lol

Frownie Merlin

Say Hello to my Little Friend…

Last week I made the biggest purchase since my laptop…

I bought a car.


I like to call it Eugene the goldfish.

Isn’t it adorable?!


right now I’m filling out an job application for McDonalds.

I want to shoot myself in the foot..

I Really  don’t want to work in a fast food joint.


There are no job opportunities  for students with no past job experience.

It sucks.

I tried to apply at the local video store chain, but apparently it takes sales experience to answer phones and work a computer. Stupidness…

Well I’d better finish my application…

I really need this stupid job. *sigh*



Merlin & Aurthur xD

Confessions of A Text Addict…….

The fairy cakes are back!



lol I’m hyper! *Boing* *boing*

O.k. so I got a cell phone today. It’s exciting.

but………think I’m addicted to texting twitter updates.

YEah. I can’t help it. I have a disease. I find myself tweeting every two seconds.

I’m not really sure If I like my phone yet though. I might exchange it for another one. We’ll see.

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Smiley wolf

Math=Melted Brain

I really hate time cards…… and business math………and math in general.

Why is this so complicated?!?!?!

It really shouldn’t be. *Head Desk*

Frownie Merlin


Not in a super mood today. I ditched the fairy font, it didn’t match my mood.

^ I’ve been listening to this song on repeat.

I found it through some blog. I don’t know.

It kinda reflects my current mood.


I guess It’s just one of those crawl into bed and sleep the day away things.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me……

Just realized the stupid font changed. I would fix it but I’m too lazy to type it all over again.

http://fuckyeahcuteactors.tumblr.com/   You should totally check this tumblr out , it has some majorly cute dudes in it.

Thinking smile I must go and fin some less depressing music………..

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Laughing at you

The Adventures in Babysitting!

So on Monday I woke up at the crack of dawn and ventured over to my aunt & Uncle’s house to wrangle three of their munchkins   while they took two of my older cousins (both married.) out for dinner.

I had babysat these three once  before, But last time I also had two of my younger siblings. (it was crazy)

This time went much better, except………

Well before I go into detail I’m going to tell you the ages of the  said three.


Cassandra, 10

Melinda, 4

and last but defiantly not least

Michel, 3

Now don’t get me wrong I love them all dearly, but they're CRAZY!

Michel might be three but he is in no way potty trained.

And lucky me he pooped his pants twice. Yeah, lucky me.

He also kept chasing me around saying he was going to “Eat me up”. It was quite amusing coming from some one four times smaller than myself.

Melinda thankfully is fully capable of going to the toilet all by herself.

She kept “tickling my butt”. (she also cried when it was time for me to go home) *headshake* see I told you crazy. =)

Cassandra, Oh Cassandra. She was a super big help. Especially when lunch time rolled around. <3 She is one of my best friends.

Silly lil’ booger.

I was fully prepared  to spend the whole day (and part of the night)  watching the kids, but my aunt thought that since I had driven over myself that I wouldn’t want to spend the night if they got back super late. They were home at four……

Thinking back I’m kinda glad they got back early.

Not that I wasn’t enjoying spending time with my cousins.

It’s just that I was glad to get home and relax.

I hardly ever get up that early. I think I’d been up kinda late the night before too.

But it was worth it.

<3 Emi

P.S. Hope everyone had an awesome CHRISTmas!!!

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